Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small White Flowers

I was examining the small white wildflowers adorning the bushes, vines and grasses. The flowers looked really fresh, bright and beautiful. They were so spectacular and impressive in the midst of leaves, vines, and roots. It was only eight in the morning when I walked passed the beautiful landscape, but the presence of the little wildflowers caught my attention and gave me pause. I was grateful that I stopped by. The whole thing was really good; they gave me a new lease of life.

The cool breeze caressed my face and my neck as I made a survey of the beautiful landscape. I could smell the fragrance and aroma of the wildflowers. They might look so small and insignificant that very few would paid careful attention to their being. But there they were, quiet as might be, continued to offer a nice welcome to every passer by.

Life may be just a passing through; it may just be for a short moment; it may be so small and insignificant; it may be so dull and monotonous; or it may be wild and crazy, etc., nevertheless it is still a very good life to live, and it will continue on and on. The important thing for us to do is to know how to make a positive impact to help ourselves and others, bringing good to the world around us.

The small white wildflowers continued to grow, very bright and cheerful.

Not many would pay their attention; very few people would take a second look.

But there they were, continued to play the role that they knew best.

The world might not appreciate what they did; the people around might not really care.

But there they were, very ready to serve, help, inspire, and motivate people.

Oh! my small white wildflowers....

Thank you.

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