Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fiddling With Cellphones

I have seen many young people who are always fiddling with their cellphones wherever they are or whatever they do, whether they are on the move or stationary at some point of their journey.

Some do it while they walk on busy streets, in crowded stores, at beaches, on school campuses and other crowded areas. Some do it when they ride a motorbike or bicycle, drive a car, van or lorry on a road or an highway, or busy talking with their family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, etc. about certain things.

I am worry and concern about this increasing trend, and I think these are not good practices. It is better that we stop these bad habits before something untoward happens to us and people around us.

I had seen people colliding with one another when one or both parties are fiddling with the cellphones. Misunderstanding or bad feelings can happen, and this can bring unnecessary stress and tension.

I had seen road accidents happened because people were busy using the cellphone while driving. If only they would stop the vehicles and pull to the side of the road first, these would not have happened.

Relationships and friendships could be strained and broken if we were always busy fiddling with the cell phones while talking to people. People around might not be happy with our action and behavior, and they might not be willing to talk to us anymore.

So the next time you fiddle with a cellphone, maybe you should think about the consequences. It may not be good after all.


Con Artist Trickster said...

Watching people toying with their cellphone while driving cars or riding motorcycle is one of the most annoying things for me nowadays. And the sad part is, it becomes some kind of trend. said...

Thanks, my friend. I dislike this trend too. Very dangerous to other road users.