Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop Smoking

My friends asked me how I had quit smoking. I didn't know how to tell them or relate to them the details, and so I just told them, "I just quit."

I had quit smoking many years ago after more than ten years of chain smoking. It had something to do with my smoking, drinking and staying-up-late friends, my ego and gambling habits, and a strong desire to find fun and excitement everyday.

I had told myself many times to quit smoking. I tried to get away from my circle of friends and learnt to stay close to my family. I told myself that as long as I could get away from my smoking friends I would be safe. But it was not so; I continued smoking, and sometimes heavier.

I stopped gambling and drinking. They did help. I was no more a chain smoker and I did reduce the number of sticks of cigarettes I smoked everyday. I coughed less and I breathed better, and my children loved to come near to me.

I tried to live a simple and humble lifestyle, and it helped. Glamor, style, attention, ego, excitement, fantasy, etc. meant nothing to me anymore. A meaningful and contented life with my family and friends was what I sought after in life.

As I thought through, I believe it is not difficult to stop smoking. You just need to know what hinder you from stopping smoking, make up your mind, and go ahead and do it. Don't think and plan so far and too hard; they don't really help you quit smoking.

I went ahead and stopped smoking. I told my friends my decision and they were laughing away; it couldn't be true for a chain smoker to stop smoking. Well. I had succeeded. It was not difficult after all; I just stopped.

My friend followed me; one by one they stopped smoking. Many of us made it. And after we had quit, we told ourselves it was easy! A few of our friends had died because of smoking; they never wanted to try.

Looking back. I can smile with confidence. When there is a will, there is a way. You don't have to think too hard and too far. Just stop! You can do it.

Bad habits die hard! Many times it is because you don't want to. They have become your blood, your flesh, and bone. They are here to stay and wouldn't go anywhere. There is nothing else to do. Just stop!

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