Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friends

Some say "Friendship is forever." True friends are here to stay, and good friends will always be around when we need them. But all these facts are not necessarily true.

Over the years, we have cultivated and built strong and lasting friendships; we have shared deep love and great joy together. We have learned from one another along the way; we have learned to be understanding and loving, and always sensitive and helpful to one another's needs and wants.

But not all friendships will last forever. Not all true friends will be here to stay. And not all good friends will be around when we need them most. And worse, sometimes our good friends turn into bitter enemies, and become our worst nightmares.

We may lose our friendship because of misunderstandings and personal conflicts. We may have different views or opinions, and we hold strongly to them, and refuse to agree or compromise.

We may lose our friendship because of some selfish gains and interests. We may have been wanting a certain thing or we may have been chasing after the same man or girl, and we wouldn't give up for the sake of our friend.

We may lose our friendship because of our pride and arrogance. We may not admit that we can be wrong sometimes. And we just wouldn't forgive our best friends who have wronged us, whether they have done it intentionally or unintentionally.

We may lose our friendship because we are suspicious of one another's intentions in doing certain things; we don't believe it is purely for love or out of love. We believe our best friends are using us for some selfish reasons or personal gains.

In our lives together, it is good that we have a few friends who are true and real for a lifetime. We just cannot live alone on our own; we need companions and support; we need one another's love and care.

Good friends are forever. But just how many will last forever?

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