Friday, March 27, 2009

Climbing Thousand Stairs Up The Hill

It took me more than an hour to climb up that thousand stairs up the hill.

My knees, my legs, my hip and my back were aching and heavy. My muscle cramped painfully everywhere. I had to stop many times and sit on the stairs along the way. My breathing was shallow and fast, and my body was sweating profusely. My head felt giddy. And I presumed my face must be very pale and my lips were white.

At the beginning of the climb, when I looked up from below, I smiled to myself and told others confidently that it was going to be an easy climb. I remembered the days 20 years ago when I skipped and ran up and down that thousand steps many times with ease and style in less than 10 minutes.

As I climbed, I was singing and humming to myself. I went faster and faster and outpaced my friends. As I passed by them, I was laughing happily and cheered them on. But my steps began to slow down and eventually came to a stop. Huh! I just couldn’t imagine the going was that tough; it was only the first 100 steps. Yet I was aching all over my body. It took me quite sometime to recover.

I continued my journey, slower and more quiet this time, trying to conserve my energy for the race. I wondered how a big cow climbed up the hill. Did it stop and took shallow and fast breaths like me? LOL

I was among the last few to reach up the hill, and that was after many encouraging words to stay on and push on harder.

It was indeed a good and satisfying climb. It taught me to plan my steps before I began my climb. It taught me to have more practices before I laughed and showed off myself to others. It helped me to persist in what I still could do when all the bodily parts said otherwise.

I learned one important truth that day: Dare to dream big and never give up hope. When the going gets tough, The tough must get going.


Sunshine4Life said...

Great you made it! If that's me then maybe i would not venture even the first 50 steps now that am this big. :D

I had the chance to climb 3001 steps at the beginning of this month but i only made it to the 3rd steps and decided i won't go up the hill. :D

Bryan Karl said...

"Dare to dream big and never give up hope. When the going gets tough, The tough must get going."

GREAT! Simply great.