Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This is my 15th year teaching in SMK Serian.

Many principals, teachers, and students have come and go. But here I am, ready to serve another academic year.

There are many memories over those long period of time. Many happy hours we shared and many moments when we complained, grumbled, argued and cried.

It was wonderful to see each other grew and matured. We came from different backgrounds. We were nurtured and trained up here in the midst of many trials and challenges. Then we moved on to our next journey.

It was difficult to say adieu. But when the time came, we just had to let go.

Yeah, life is a passing through. We come and we go. But we carry our memories all along. We continue to look up the lessons we have learned. And our life becomes more meaningful and satisfying.

But once in a while, my heart still yearns for you, my beloved principals, teachers, and students.

So long, my friends.

May we meet again soon.

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