Thursday, March 19, 2009

A One-Week Love That Lasted Forever

Do you believe a one-week love can last forever? That is what has happened to one of my best friends.

It was more than twenty years ago. My friend was back to his village during one of the school holiday breaks.

There he beheld his beloved for the first time. It was love at first sight. She was the apple of his eyes and he just couldn't turn his attention away from her. She had two sweet dimples in her cheeks which added to the beauty of her countenance, and her smile was an everlasting one.

He was a young man with a bright future and she was a young lady with grace and dignity. Love sparkled almost as soon as the eyes met and they fell for one another at that very moment. Love was in the air that day, and it just blossomed and lasted forever.

He asked for her hand but he stammered and stuttered in his speech. His face was blushing red like a cherry and his entire body quivering. Yeah he did speak up, pouring out all his heart, his feeling and his struggle. She was all smile and happy to be where she was, but didn't expect it to be so abrupt and unexpected. She was visibly shaken, and didn’t know what to say or do. The young man realized his mistakes and tried to explain. It took another 10 minutes before they decided on the one-week's contemplation.

Many sleepless nights. Many hide-and-seek games. Many hot and blushing moments. Many shivering knees and legs. And the heartbeats just kept on beating faster and refused to slow down.

Then the final countdown. Their hearts stopped beating and their breathings were extremely heavy. The old folks of the village gave their consent with a broad smile. "Nothing can stop a genuine and sincere love," they said. They belonged together and they must come together. And everyone was laughing, cheering and dancing, giving their overwhelming blessings and offerings.

Now, they still look at one another in the eyes. He is always handsome, cheerful and happy, and she is still beautiful, smiling and laughing like a sweet sixteen year old lady. They are blessed with many children and their love for one another never dwindle. Who can say a one-week love cannot last forever?


Lisa said...

Love this post. it gives me faith that one day I will find love again !

Willie said...

A rare case.

Star-chuu said...

Thats the power of is nice to be inlove in a right person and in a right time...I am waiting for my right time to be inlove to a right man..wheeewww....