Thursday, March 5, 2009


I look at my students, their face looks pale.

They lack the confidence to fight for the future. ....

They claim they have learned plenty, but are not ready for the battle.

Then I notice the problem: They do not study before the exam.

You don't enter a battle field if you are not ready. ...

Some students scratch the head.

They claim they have studied, yet unable to answer the questions.

Then I understand the problem: They don't practise much.

If you desire to win, you need more sparring. ....

Some students take so long to answer a question.

They claim they have tried so very hard, but are still confused.

Then I analyse the problem: They lack good learning strategies.

There are many moves in a battle. But only the right moves count. ....

Others are anxious to answer all the questions, but many answers are wrong.

They claim they have the desire to fight, but they fight to their defeat.

The I realize the real problem: They do not have the confidence. ....

Confidence is important in life. Confidence makes you study hard. Confidence makes you practise much. Confidence makes you employ good working strategies. And confidence makes you gain more confidence.

But how do I teach confidence? LOL

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