Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good Old Trees

I remembered sitting under the good old trees. They meant so much to me.

I remembered during the 70's, when many of us were waiting for our loves under the good old trees. There we read books together, there we sang love songs, there we stared closely into each other's eyes, there we held each other's hands for the first time, and there we began our love story, all under the shelter of a good old tree.

I remembered It was okay for us to fall in love in the open during that time. There the prince in white would be waiting for their beautiful Cinderella. Those who passed by were sporting enough to leave us alone, including our teachers. There, under the hugh old trees, we stumbled and giggled, we blushed often, and our heartbeats were abnormally fast. But our love for one another was sincere and true, and we swore it under the shelter of the good old trees.

I remembered we wrote many love poems together. We uttered many promises of love to one another. We carved many hearts and darts on the tree to indicate our love for one another. And we promised to be together forever after our studies, and we swore it under the shelter of the good old trees.

Now I stand under a pinang tree (betel nut palm, see pic), crying for the good old trees. They are all gone.

I have lost my love under the pinang trees. LOL

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