Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this the life that we want?

It doesn't take long before children realize the adults whom they put their trust and confident in are no longer what they think they are:
  • They realize the adults do not know how to smile and laugh naturally.
  • They realize the adults are too messed up in the head when a simply yes or no is enough.
  • They realize the adults are not easy to understand because you can't really understand their expressions, their signs and actions, and respond to them appropriately.
  • They realize the adults are too burdensome in the things they do. They work like robot that has no ability to think. And they don't enjoy their works and they can't concentrate on the things they love just like children do.
  • They realize the adults have to smoke, to get drunk, or to hang around somewhere for a time to release tension and stress, when the simple answer is to go to sleep and forget about the whole thing.
  • They realize the adults are so unreasonable that they let emotions overcome their common sense. They cannot stop eating once they get started. They cannot control the amount of food they eat, or how frequently they eat. And they just cannot stop drinking, smoking, talking, laughing, fooling around or harming themselves once they get started.
  • They realize the adults aren't that brave after all. They are not that good protectors. They often shy away from people. They stumble and fumble when they speak. They lack in confidence to stand up to what they believe in, and they are often pressured by their peers to do things which are not in line with their own value system.
  • They realize that the adults aren't that charming, caring, loving and homely once they are fully occupied with their works outside.
  • They realize that the adults are full of filthy words and gestures in their daily life and seldom devote themselves to the worship of God.
  • They realize the adults are lazy and slothful with their lives. They are not eager to work hard to provide for the family. They are seen wasting away their lives. They are always dependent on others. And they have no concern for the future.
These children grow up and become adults, and they start doing the same things over and again.
And there goes a common saying, "This is life."

Is this the life that we want?

.... High time for us to change.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post. It's so true that we often fail to show our children the ways in which to enjoy life. While our concerns are usually centered around things in life that are very important, we sometimes totally ignore the beauty to be enjoyed in this life. Lovely post!