Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Silent Workers

Every time I look at the groundsmen, the gardeners and the cleaners at work, I feel for them. They know how to enjoy life and they do their work meticulously and unhurriedly.

They cut and mow the grass cleanly and thoroughly, to the lowest height possible. They prune and trim bushes and small trees neatly and closely with sharp scissors. And they always clean up any mess they make. They plant flowers and trees in pots, gardens, and by the sides of the lanes. They are careful not to block the driveway.

They sweep the office floors regularly and wipe them with a soft and dry mop. They clean and vacuum the carpets slowly, carefully but quietly, making sure that they don't cause unnecessary noises and disturb the peace of the place. They empty the trash cans and bins, and keep the place tidy and clean at all times. They do their works diligently and cheerfully, and often return with sweet smiles and thousand apologies when they make noises. But sadly, their services are often not appreciated.

They clean the sinks and counters until they sparkle and shine. They wash and scrub the toilet floors with disinfectants, then wipe them until 100% clean and dry. Yeah, they also clean the toilet bowls carefully, making sure that even the toilet seats are always dry and clean.

Every time when I observe this group of silent workers, my heart yearns for them. They know how to live well despite their meager salary. And they can have a nice and sound sleep every night after doing such a great and wonderful service for a community of people. God appreciates their good works... though many men may not.


Laura said...

Lovely post. I always try to smile and acknowledge the janitorial staff. They are what helps businesses to continue to function smoothly - without them much productive time would be lost. They are truly valuable.

Nanda Freby said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. Thank you for writing this article that I have enjoyed reading.
Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.