Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reaping The Fruits Of Our Labors

I look at my students. They are busy answering the questions. We are having our Mid-Term examination.

They look dreadfully serious. No one smiles at me or look happily at their friends.

The are absorded by the questions. Some are busy answering and calculating. Others are seen scratching and shaking the head while reasoning and talking silently to themselves.

That is the moment of truth, we are reaping the fruits of our labors. ....

There is a time to teach with seriousness.
There is a time to explain with enthusiasm.
There is a time to rebuke and to motivate.
There is a time to relax and to have fun.

Learning is a process that requires time, practice, and repetition. And I am determined to labor with them until they are ready for the battle.

I wish they know. They are my joy, my pride, and my valentines.

Yeah, I have finally rediscovered the joy of giving and sharing. LOL

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