Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smiling and Laughing

I am not a man easily drawn to smile.

It takes me quite sometimes before I can greet strangers, shake their hands and then smile.

I notice children often laugh, smile, giggle and chuckle easily. I believe happiness is a natural gift of God. I just don't know where, when and how I have lost mine.

Maybe it is the system we are in. We are told from young not to talk with strangers. We are told not to misbehave when adults are around. And we are told to behave appropriately everywhere we go.

Maybe all these restrictions have restrained the flow of happiness and joy to others. Maybe that is why we smile less and laugh less.

Ever since I learn to cultivate good fellowships with others, I rediscover my smiles and laughters. It gets rusty at first for lack of use. But now I am okay, I can smile and laugh naturally and heartily anywhere anytme.

I don't think I want to trade my smiles and laughters with another round of "Don't misbehave".

And I don't think I want to restrain smiles and laughters in my home and in my place of work.

.... Now smile and laugh when and where you can to make this world a better place. LOL

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